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Jeremy Senaris


Senaris, a self-taught cook, impressed the judges with his signature shrimp tempura roll with bonito flakes. Upon tasting Senaris dish, judge Alvin Leung remarked, “I hope you have some room left on that arm for a Master Chef Canada tattoo!

Perla Javate


An educator, known to Filipino-Canadian students and parents as “Tita Pearl”, PERLA JAVATE, the community liaison for the Winnipeg School Division made it to the short list of the year’s Top 75 Canadian Immigrants out of hundreds of names submitted from the various ethnicities and industries across Canada

Ryan Auxtero


I was working 3 jobs for a brief of period to make some money while I was going to school. I was happy, but didn’t have time for myself and my then girlfriend(now my wife). I was tired and drained, and knew I needed to make a change.

Ron Urbano – Autohann


When the Urbanos decided to open a business, they were newly immigrants, and, naturally, had no clue where to begin. However, after a couple of weeks of going around Winnipeg, they obsered that almost every family had at least one car to use and, therefore, to maintain, making private transportation a necessity rather than luxury.

Senator Tobias Envarga Jr.


An accomplished individual, a lauded public servant, and an advocate of Filipino-Canadian ties and rights. Senator Tobias Envarga Jr. has been representing Fil-Canadians with excellence in the Senate 3 years now.

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